Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Dark Knight" plans re-release for Oscar push

Batman wants an Oscar.

To be precise, Warner Bros. wants a statuette -- or 10 -- for "The Dark Knight." So the studio plans to re-release its blockbuster Batman sequel in January, the height of Academy Awards voting season.

"It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people," a studio insider explained.

Warner Bros. domestic distribution president Dan Fellman acknowledged ongoing talks with Imax execs over the prospect of restoring the Christian Bale starrer to some giant-screen venues in January. It's uncertain if "Dark Knight" also will reappear in conventional venues at that point.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film's huge commercial and critical success has spurred talk of possible Oscar nominations for its director, producers and cast -- most specifically Bale's co-star, Health Ledger, for the late actor's edgy performance as the Joker.

To date, "Dark Knight" has rung up about 512 million U.S. dollars domestically and 440 million dollars internationally, including more than 55 million dollars in Imax grosses. A pre-Oscars re-release would help assure its topping 1 billion dollars worldwide.

But with the title set to hit DVD in December, it's now apparent anyone hoping the Batman sequel would soar to "Titanic" heights will be disappointed. "Dark Knight" already ranks as the second-highest-grossing movie ever, after "Titanic's" phenomenal 1.84 billion dollars -- a mix of 600.8 million dolalrs in domestic box office and 1.24 billion dollars in foreign coin registered in 1997 and 1998.

Source: China Daily/Agencies

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