Thursday, September 11, 2008

Xiamen to be the first wireless network-covered city

Recently Xiamen Municipal and China Mobile's Fujian branch signed a cooperation memorandum named "wireless city", marking the beginning of construction of wireless network in Xiamen, which is based on TD-SCDMA/HSDPA technology.

Broadband wireless LAN of a city, known as "wireless city", with high-speed broadband wireless network covering administrative districts, provides information to public via wireless technology or terminals. TD-SCDMA, a Chinese home-grown standard for third-generation communication, owns the independent intellectual right.

Now the wireless network covers an area of over 800 square km in Xiamen, including main streets, most suburban area and major public buildings. Basic infrastructures and auxiliary facilities are both fully equipped. Before the end of this year, people in Xiamen will enjoy the convenience of living in a wireless city, surfing on Internet, consulting information, sending and receiving emails whenever and wherever there is a cell phone or a laptop.

By People's Daily Online

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