Thursday, September 11, 2008

Robinho admits to graffito on Chilean dressing-room wall

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil forward Robinho has owned up to daubing graffiti on the wall of the team's dressing room after Sunday's 3-0 win away to Chile in a World Cup qualifier.

Newspaper pictures showed the words, "There must be respect for the best team in the world," written in Spanish on the walls of the National Stadium.

Robinho told reporters it was a response to the Chilean players, who he said underestimated Brazil before the game.

"I was the one who wrote it," he said. "Chile should have respected Brazil for our tradition, which I don't need to talk about. They thought it would be easy."

"We didn't ask for anything more than respect."

"Maybe if they had played more defensively, they would have made it more difficult for us. But they tried to play us on equal terms and you saw the result."

Brazil had failed to score in its previous three matches before the Chile game and lost to Venezuela in a friendly and Paraguay in a World Cup qualifier in the process.

The forward, who this month joined Premier League club Manchester City for a British record 32.5 million pounds , said he hoped beleaguered Brazil coach Dunga would keep the job he was in danger of losing before Sunday's win.

"He's our coach, our commander and we hope he stays until the World Cup," said Robinho. "The pressure here is great and the only way to relieve it is with victories."

Brazil, which jumped to second in the 10-team South American qualifying group, is to host bottom team Bolivia on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily/Agencies

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